Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Congratulations to....

my dear friend Amy and her husband Clint. They just received their referral for a precious 5 month old little boy from India. We rejoice with them and can't wait until little Simeon is in their arms.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First day of school and Vjay

We are off to a good start with school. Kaylin loves her new teacher who is a man. I am excited for her to experience having a male teacher. My first male teacher was in 4th grade and he was my favorite. Blake started school yesterday and also had a great time. He is in a pre-k class with his best buddy Eli. The two of them pretty much think they own the school and that their job is to "help" the other kids with all they do. We'll see how this goes, his teacher seems to think it will be fabulous to have both him and Eli in the same class...the moms think otherwise.

We had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a meal with Vjay, the lady who runs the SOS orphanage in Delhi, India. She was a riot! When she found out that we were the parents of Aparna, she was so so excited! She kept saying, "Oh, Aparna is my favorite girl, my favorite". You are so lucky to have this girl in your home. It sounded like Adia pretty much runs the place and gets away with anything. She shared all kinds of stories with us and continually told us how great she was. She also told us that she was quite strong willed. Great, she will fit right in! We also met several other families who either were in process or already had their kids home. I left feeling revived and so full of emotion, my heart aches for Adia to be home! :) What a blessing tonight was for our family. I am so thankful we had this opportunity to meet the closest person to Adia...she said she holds her everyday and that makes me smile. :)