Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Winner is...Team #2

We waited to long to take pictures and both houses started to fall apart...I think the product was faulty, we have never had this problem before. And team #2 still won even with a roof caving in.

Gingerbread Contest

Every year my sisters and mom come to make gingerbread houses. This has turned into a competition and I am proud to say... My team one AGAIN!!!! The kids have so much fun and look forward to this event.

December at the Klobas'

December is such a fun month for us with parties, shopping and family time. Here are some pictures of our month so far.

Eric putting our lights up

Eric, Grandpa and the kids decorating the tree

Blake at his school Christmas Program, he sang this year but did no hand motions. Every year were getting a little better :) Next year he'll be a pro!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

We've got moves!

Wishing we were headed to Mexico for the holidays (like other members of our families). We are not bitter or anything....they will be soooo sad we could not show them the dance we've been practicing.
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Monday, December 3, 2007

She's Ours!!!!!!!

Introducing.....Ava Leigh Aparna, born in New Delhi, India on October 26, 2006. We are soooo happy and overwhelmed with joy!

Our meeting at Childrens Hope went very well on Thursday night as you can tell. Here is a brief of the evening.

We walked in and Lisa (the lady who called us about little Aparna) was all dressed in her Indian attire and jewelry. The room was all set up like we were about to get our referral. Lisa started out by giving us an overview of Aparna's medical history, age and pictures. Our first response with teary eyes was, She is beautiful! Kaylin was with us (I am so thankful) and she said, She is chubby! Waaahoooo!!!!! We love chubby babies. We can always count on her to make us laugh at serious moments. We continued to talk and ask lots of questions about India knowing in our hearts that this was our daughter. The one thing Eric and I have felt strongly about is that God knows what child is best for our family. When we look back at the frustrating and emotional journey we have been on, there is no doubt in our minds that this was God's plan all along. She is meant to be ours! We will now be traveling to India in June or July to bring her home. We can't wait and are already counting the days.

Please keep our little girl in your prayers. We pray that she stays safe and healthy and is being loved on everyday. Thank you to all who share in this journey with us. We feel so blessed and thankful for you everyday!