Tuesday, March 31, 2009

India Christian Ministries

Operation Princess
Ever want to do something to make a difference? Ever wanted to know that you were a part of something bigger, something grander, something sweeter than you could have ever dreamed? Ever wanted to swoop in and make someone feel like a princess? Well, here is your chance!!

~Sarah lives in India with her husband and three kids. They run India Christian Ministries, and Sarah "adopts" children from government institutions and places them in various homes that she's set up in her area. We're not talking healthy, robust children here. Sarah has a heart for those who are left behind... those with severe mental retardation, autism, cerebral palsy, birth defects - those who were never adopted from an orphanage and "aged out" and were put into institutional care.
There's Rachel - who's leg was in a cast for so long - who was never taken of - and who now needs an amputation.
There's little Noah, who has scoliosis, whose hip is out of joint and who has bilateral microphthalmia.
There's Promise - sweet Promise - who most likely laid on her back on a bare floor for the last 14 years. She is blind and has so many health problems that I wouldn't know where to begin. Was she ever held? Did anyone ever wipe her tears and tell her she was beautiful? That she is loved?Sarah does just that. She takes these kids and see them how Jesus sees them. And she doesn't just put them in homes - she takes care of them. She makes sure that they have access to the best possible resources - OT, PT, Speech Therapy, Special Education - and all the operations they need to help them have a full life.
She fights for them.
Loves them.
Grieves for them.
Cares for them.
42 of them. All wonderfully made in the eyes of the Lord.
Today, Sarah started Operation Princess. Her latest three posts are about this new endeavor. You can find Sarah's full blog sarahscovenanthomes.blogspot.com .Please read about Operation Princess.
If anyone has a dress to donate, please contact Leslie at lesliebucknerthomas@yahoo.com
Leslie is hoping to collect as many dresses as possible to send to
Sarah so that these wonderful, beautiful girls can feel pretty and special. Because they ARE.
And while you're at it, please look through Sarah's entire blog. It is truly an act of God. You will be amazed.

Please feel free to put this on your blog and get the word out and let's help these precious little ones not only look beautiful but feel the love!!! :0)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

God's Faithfulness!

Happy Spring Break to our family this week. It came at a perfect time and has been a wonderful week. God's goodness has shown itself in so many ways and I am thankful!

We have had a NO TV week at our house which has been really great for the kids. They play so much better together when the TUBE goes away. I have been sewing the last few days to make duvet covers and curtains for Blake and Adia's room. This has been so much fun and I was able to spend extra time with friends and their sewing machines. Here is a sample of the fabric I am using for their bedrooms...I love it!

This is for Blake

Adia's bedding

Last night we were blessed "once again" by our amazing church community. We were asked by a family friend (teen) at our church if she could do a benefit dinner for her senior project at school. We of course agreed and she was so thrilled to help raise money for our adoption. We had no idea what to expect and really I just thought it would be a normal Wednesday night dinner at our church. We were in for a real treat! Bailey and her family had decorated beautifully and made the evening so special with every detail. I cried as soon as we walked in to the auditorium. Our dinner last night raised $1123.00 towards our adoption. WOW!!! When we started the adoption process we had a tiny bit of money in savings and had no idea of how we would pay for it. In the begining, we never felt stressed about the money part and felt God was leading us in the direction of adoption and he would provide every step of the way. Through tons of little side jobs, family and our church community we have been blessed. Our church has raised $8100.00 towards our adoption through different fundraisers. We are continually overwhelmed by God's faithfulness to this process. It brings me to tears just typing this...we are forever THANKFUL!

Guess who's flying in today? My dear friend Stephanie! I can't wait to see you and spend just a few hours with you. I don't think I blogged about our best friends and neighbors that moved January 1st. Well they did and that was part of our deep sadness. We had lived next door to each other for 7.5 years and shared everything in life together. We are dealing with it much better now but we still have a few times a week when we get really sad and miss their precious family.

Adoption Update:
We don't have a whole lot to report. We had a slight problem with some paperwork that had to be updated and we were issued guardianship before that was done. So, now we legally have a child that we cannot bring home. What we were asked to do was sign over guardianship back to the orphanage, let our updated papers process how they were supposed to and wait for a new guardianship court date. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! Our agency said NO WAY!!!! also. So Lisa our caseworker is filing an appeal that will take about 1-2 months to process but will go through. I guess the man she is working with has done this for a few other agencies and it has gone through just fine, it just takes time. She is hopeful that we will travel the beginning of May. Not what we were hoping or planning but I am at peace with the situation. I know there is nothing I can do but pray the appeal will go quickly and we might get surprised and travel earlier. Please pray with us! Lisa is in India this week and loving on Adia and I can't wait to get more pictures and video. I will share as soon as I get my hands on them.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Money Saving Mom!

I came across this website on another blog and wanted to share. I have never been one to cut coupons etc. but after reading through this website, how can I not! They make it so easy! I am all for doing whatever we can to save money right now and am really excited to try this out. Anyone that uses or will be using diapers they have good coupons and tell you exactly what/where to get them to make diapers and wipes cheaper. Fabulous!!!! www.moneysavingmom.com, for Oregon residence: FrugalLivingNW.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Better Days!"

Happy March! Life is looking up for March and we are so excited to enter this next phase of life. To be honest, life the last year has been the most challenging ever in our 11.5 years of marriage. I have felt completely exhausted and overwhelmed for several months. We have had the stress of our adoption, money, jobs, death, friends and some very difficult situations at church. I have questioned a lot and am learning to live more and more in the gray of life. I have asked over and over "Why now, I want to be happy as I go through this adoption etc." The hurt,pain and stress just kept on coming. Some days it felt like it would never end but now I am thankful for what I have learned this last year and am soooo HOPEFUL for "Better Days"! Sorry to be so negative but this has been real life @ the Klobas' and I want to be transparent. Life is not always "rosy" during the adoption process.

Last year I have felt like this:

Since Guardianship has been issued:

Last Friday as Eric and I were getting ready to leave town our caseworker called. I knew as soon as I saw her cell# it was "THE CALL" for guardianship. What a perfect way for us to end a good week and to start a weekend away with my sweet husband. When I look back at the last several months I am thankful it came when it did. We were both in a good place and able to celebrate the way we should. Hello, we are going to bring our baby girl home!!!!! We do not know when we will leave yet but are packing and trying to get everything ready. I can't believe this is really going to happen. PRAISE GOD FOR HE IS FAITHFUL!!!!

The weekend before last we went with the KIKS group(4th-6th graders)from church up to Mt. Hood innertubing. Eric and I had a lot of fun with Kaylin and her friends.

I have to say that I feel TONS better just since we got our phone call. I am excited for Spring and all that means for our new family of 5. I pray daily for those of you still waiting to hear news and hope that we can all look back and say "Yes, God had perfect timing!"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Can I get a G-U-A-R-D-I-A-N-S-H-I-P!!!!!!!!

Adia is officially ours! We got the call today and are so HAPPY! Eric and I are going away for the weekend with no kids so I will write more when I get back.

Have a great weekend!