Thursday, November 20, 2008

Picture therapy!

Last week was a really long and sad week with our friend Cindy passing away. The service was held on Sunday and it was beautiful. It was wonderful to hear those speak that were especially close to her. Cindy was an amazing wife and mother and their are so many things to learn from her life. Our lives have been blessed! We had the joy of having some great friends (the Ries') come and stay with us during the last week. It was a blessing to have them and their kids around. We are still so very heartbroken but I am still having trouble believing she's really gone. It happened so fast it just doesn't seem real. Please continue to pray for her husband and kids and thank you to all who left sweet comments.

On the adoption front: I spoke to Lisa the other day and was able to voice a few of my concerns and she was very glad I spoke to her. She will be traveling to India the day after Thanksgiving and so we will be getting new pictures and video...Yippee!! I can't wait to see how much Adia has changed it has been almost 6-months since we have seen her sweet face. :)

I don't have a lot to say but decided I wanted to post some pictures that make me smile...Enjoy.
I love my front door! It always makes me smile :)

Adia and her caregiver

My niece Kennedi, Kaylin and Blake

Two of my favorite and mimi(grandma)

More of my favorite people...sisters and mom

I love him to pieces!

Our very own Rock Stars

Kaylin and Blake

Best Buddies!

Blake and the hat he had to have because it matched his shirt. He is one funny kid! He loves to match and put outfits together.

Such cute boys!

Her smile melts my heart!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

She's gone home

I accept that we do not grieve as those who do not hope, but also know that our grief is immense, and our loss is real.
Peter F. Wilson

Our sister and friend, Cindy Wilson went home to be with the Lord this morning at 9:50 a.m. She was surrounded by family. Please continue to hold the Wilson's up in your prayers. Continue to pray for peace and comfort. We are all broken and overflowing with grief.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Our dear friend...

Cindy Wilson was admitted to ICU on Monday morning after being diagnosed with bacterial miningitis. It took over Cindy's body so quickly and she had to be put on life support within hours. I write with a broken heart and am filled with so many emotions. I am praying for a miracle between now and the morning as the family along with dr's have made the decision to take her off of life support. Please pray with me for a miracle! Please pray for her family and our church community. We are all broken. Cindy has a husband and 4 children. Her daughter Natalie is flying home from Botswana, Africa and wont be arriving until Thursday evening. Please pray for peace and comfort for the days ahead.

Here is a picture of Cindy with her youngest son Ethan...she loved her children so much and they were proud to call her mother.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Reflections-A must read!

I am posting a link to a blog I have followed from the beginning of our adoption process. Josh Bottomly is a gifted writer and I am so thankful for his most recent reflections. He is able to articulate the many conversations Eric and I have had in a very respectful way and I love that. I do want to make clear that Eric and I did not vote for Obama based on the color of his skin but feel that was an added bonus. I know that Josh and Amy would say the same thing. Please take the time to read it, no matter what your beliefs I think you will be blessed by his words.

Note: I am asking that if you choose to comment, please be respectful!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Adia!

Adia leigh . . . how often my thoughts are of you. I wonder what you are doing today, on your birthday ... if there is someone to hold you and comfort you ... to make you smile and laugh. How I long to be with you. It seems we've labored for so long now, to bring you home. People we will never even meet have joined us in this journey of bringing you home. There are times I think I can't do any more ... but each time I think of you and know you are counting on us to keep going. Joy fills our hearts to know you'll be part of our family very soon. Our hearts also grieve over all you've lost already. I pray your birthmom is comforted today as she reflects on that very important and selfless decision she made. I am forever greatful to her. I cannot give you back that which has been lost ... but I promise you that with the Lord's help we will share everything that is within us with you for a lifetime.

For now we wait. We wait with great expectation that you are being cared for and loved by the Ayas and your Heavelny Father. Some day, my child ... they will call us and we will prepare to travel to your homeland and welcome you into our arms. So many details we must trust the Lord for on this journey. Your life is a gift and one in which we treasure and embrace. How we long to see you face to face.

We had a birthday celebration on Monday in your honor. A few of our closest friends came to share your special day. We had an Indian dinner, music, cheese cake and sang happy birthday. You were even given a few gifts! Your dad and I are continually blessed by our friendships and the people who love and care for you so much.

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch with our friend Christy and her twins Jake and Amelia. We decided to try a new one this year that was closer and maybe wouldn't be as crowded. The weather was perfect...65 and no rain. The kids were really excited! They had a good time for the most part but it was frustrating that Liepold Farms wanted to charge money for every little thing. We were shocked when our 2-medium and 1-baby pumpkin came to $16.00. Eric went in to their little store to get a caramel apple and was again shocked by them charging $4.75 Ughhhhh!!! We went to check out the kid corn maze and fun area to play and yes, they wanted more money! It was sad to me that they felt they had to charge a fortune for everything. Despite being charged for every little thing, the kids had a good time and it was fun to be with our friends. The twins had a great time until the end. Little Jake was running as fast as he could and fell flat into a giant mud puddle. Christy and I were laughing so hard, we had a delayed reaction to picking him up and many were looking at us like "Hello!, aren't you going to pick him up"? I wish we would have had the video camera, it was really funny.