Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Camera and a Sunny Saturday

What a beautiful day we had today! The sun was out and we were able to play outside all afternoon. Kaylin has started basketball season so we have been attending games every Saturday. We really enjoy watching her play...two grandparents spectating at the game today turned around and said "You tell'em coaches!" Whoopsi! I guess we get a little animated at the games, were not mean just loudly encouraging! :)

Eric and I got a new camera for our trip to India. We are really excited and have just started trying to figure it out. I took several pictures outside today, it was a lot of fun. Some friends of ours let us use their basketball hoop that they are no longer using and everyone had a blast "Shootin Hoops" today. See pictures below!

No news on the adoption front. I feel like our chances of traveling in February are slim. Maybe if we here GOOD news this week we could travel the last week of Feb, but I am trying not to think about it. We did receive a video a few weeks ago and we watch it over and over. It's really fun because you can see a lot of her personality and of course she is sooooo beautiful. We are praying everyday that we get the call soon, we can't wait!

Enjoy your week!

Kaylin trying to kiss her brother!

Check out Blake's form...not bad for 5yrs old.

He's still got it! The kids love to watch Eric play basketball.

Blake and little Jake are buddies.