Friday, July 10, 2009

The good life with LICE!

Well, today marks the day that we have been home for 3 weeks, WOW! I must start off by saying I am in AWE everyday at the amazing gift we have been given in Adia. She brings pure joy to our family. We have had an absolute blast with her...she is always laughing and being silly. She has so much personality in her little body, it always surprises us. We are adjusting to life with three kids surprisingly well. Adia couldn't of been more of a perfect fit for our family and life. Thank you, God! Life has been slow but good and I am looking forward to getting out and doing more next week. The older kids are getting a little restless. Oh Yeah, we also have been infested with LICE. I think Adia must have had it when we came home and gave it to me and Kaylin. It is disgusting and I am very tired of dealing with it. We are hopeful we will be done with the nasty bugs by the begining of this week. It makes it really hard to go anywhere or have anyone over but maybe thats been good. I have done soooooo much laundry in the last several days trying to kill anything that might be lingering. My hair is so thick, it takes 1.5-2 hours to go through it...EVERYDAY and then I have to pick through Kaylins and try and get Adia to sit still for a few minutes to get her nits. NOT FUN!!!!! In fact I am so mad at myself because I had heard of this happening to other people and I was going to take stuff with us to treat while in India and I forgot. Bummer for us!

We have taken Adia to the doctor to start some tests etc...I think she is fine but just want to make sure. She has had blow-out diapers since we came home so we are also testing for parasites. I can't wait until we figure that out. I was always lucky with my other children to never have that happen, not now I get 2 a day and I mean it gets everywhere. Her eating is still a bit of a challenge. We just keep trying new things and hoping she will like something else soon. She loves to color and draw and play outside all the time. The weather has been really nice so we spend most of our day outside. She loves bathes so we decided to let her try a little pool and she had so much fun splashing around.

Life is good and we are so happy with our girl home.