Monday, February 18, 2008

A package full of love!

Today we went to our case workers house and dropped off two zip lock bags of fun stuff for our baby girl. Lisa flies out in the morning and will hand deliver our photo album, her blanket(made by Gaila, our other kids have a blanket made by her also, very special!),a dress and some books. Also, while she is their she will be taking video and lots of pictures for us. We are soooooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!! What a blessing it is to have someone who we just adore and trust to spend time with Ava and love on her when we can't. Here are a few pictures of what Ava will be getting.


On Friday our friends (The Ries') brought their kids over to spend the night. We always have so much fun when we get to be with them. The kids all play so well together. Friday night we went to the Bordine BBQ for dinner and fellowship and ended the evening with a slumber party, movie and popcorn. The kids woke up at 7:00am (which is very early for me) my kids are big sleepers so on the weekends we like to sleep in. Not this week...Kaylin had a basketball game at 10:00am and then we had lunch at the park and played for a few hours with our other friends Christy, Jake and Amelia. The weather was beautiful in Portland this weekend! It was 60 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. It was so fun to play with the kids Jen thanks for leaving them with us.

Valentines Day!

The kids and I had a great Valentines Day, Eric was out of town. I started the morning off with making Kaylin a heart shaped egg sandwich and she loved that. After we took Kaylin to school, Blake and I went with our friends Rhonda and Ryan to have a valentine donut. We ended the night with a heart shaped pepperoni pizza for dinner. We had so much fun together....I love my kids to pieces!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I've been "tagged". Thank you so much Jennifer!
"8" Things I'm Passionate about:
1. My husband and his work
2. Children--not just my own
3. My family
4. Peoples lives/stories
5. Per suing a life of compassion and grace for others
6. Adoption
7. Good Salads at a Restraunt--If you don't have good salads I'm not coming back!
8. My church community

"8" Things I want to do before I die:
1. Travel with my whole family to India
2. Short term missions projects to Africa
3. Adopt Again???? Did I just say that???
4. See my kids experience God, love and have kids
5. Have a chef that would cook for me a few days a week
6. Work along side my husband in some sort of ministry
7. Learn to play the piano
8. Go on an all girls trip with my Mom, Mimi and sisters to somewhere tropical

"8" TV Shows I watch:
1. The Today Show
2. American Idol
3. Amazing Race
4. The Office
5. 60 minutes/Dateline NBC
6. Dancing with the Stars
7. Biggest Looser
8. Funniest Home Videos

"8" Things that attract me to my friends:
1. They are Spontaneous
2. common hobbies/interests
3. honest
4. compassionate
5. open and real
6. they love my kids
7. love me for who I am
8. laugh a lot/good sense of humor

"8" Things I say often:
1. It's fine!
2. Kaylin Nicole
3. Blake Ryan
4. Oh my word!
5. I love you!
6. Good grief!
7. What in the world?
8. Can we go out to eat? (Eric's input)

"8" Artists I never tire of:
1. Sarah McLachlan
2. Nickelcreek
3. Casting Crowns
4. John Mayer
5. Jars of Clay
6. Counting Crows
7. Dave Mathews
8. Chris Rice-Piano Hymns

"8" Things I learned in 2007:
1. I am not as organized as I thought
2. I really don't enjoy cooking
3. Your heart can ache for a child you have never held, talked to or touched
4. I am a blog reader not a commenter(not a word). I love reading other peoples stories!
5. I want to live a life of sacrifice for the sake of others
6. Adoption is such hard work but an amazing gift that comes only from God
7. I tend to have a lot of the same rules for my kids as my mom did for me growing up
8. Jen R has taught me that I too am anal as a hobby. :)

I'm tagging:
Lori Clark (I know your reading this)