Sunday, May 31, 2009

Will you pray with us?

Will you pray with us? We are waiting for Adia's visa to be issued so we can travel. I know, I know you are all probably wondering why it hasn't been done yet. Without going into all the details our case got extrememly mixed up. Things were all done in the wrong order and there has been little we can do about it. This is the very last thing we need and then we can make our travel arrangements. We are really hoping to leave on June 10th. Will you pray that we get our "OK" to travel by this Wednesday. I know I'm asking for pretty specific times but we are sooooooo ready to bring our precious girl home.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers! We are so thankful for this blogging community to share this experience with.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Catching Up!

Well, the last few months have been filled with activity. The kids are both playing sports so our evenings are spent at practices and Saturdays with games. Kaylin is loving basketball and getting better and better. It's been really fun to see her passion for this sport grow...just like her dad. Blake seems to be a natural at baseball and deosn't seem to let his size hold him back, he's a little guy. He plays really well.

Blake celebrated his 6th Birthday on May 1st. I can't believe my boy is getting so big. We decided against having a big party and let him choose 1 friend to take to Bullwinkles. We had a great time and played late into the night.

Eric's mom came down on Sunday to surprise Blake with a huge bin of all Eric's lego's from when he was a kid. What a fun surprise! Uncle Kirk spent hours building with Blake.

I had a great Mother's Day celebrating with all the girls and kids in the family. We had a BBQ at my parents and the weather was perfect. All the kids love to be at Nana's exploring on their property. I am so thankful for my husband and kids that always make Mother's Day so special.

Hot/Sunny weekend in Portland means do anything and everything outside. On Saturday after the games we drove up the gorge to Multnomah Falls.

These pictures are a great reminder of why I love the NW!

On Sunday, my friend Christy and I took our kids to Cannon Beach for the day. It wasn't quite as sunny as we were hoping but warm enough to play in the water.

Sorry this is such a long post I really needed to get caught up. On the adoption front we will hopefully have news this week. I will keep you posted!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hotel Ideas for Delhi, India?

I am looking for some Hotel ideas! We will be staying at a christian bible camp for 1/2 of our time but would like to stay at a hotel in Delhi that is nice but not real expensive. I am hopeful those of you that have traveled will have good ideas. Anything else you want to recommend (restraunts, tours etc.) would be helpful. This whole planning thing is hard for me, I am not a risk taker when it comes to food or places to stay. I like to know that I will like it!!!!

We are just starting to plan our trip and it looks like we will be leaving in 3 weeks. Hopefully, this week we will have exact dates.

Thanks in advance for the ideas!