Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please Pray...

for a sweet lady friend and her 7yr.old boy that she just brought home from India. This has been nothing but a nightmare situation and I am crushed for N(the boy) and S(the mom). They have been home just over a month and N has had a few seizures and some very extreme behavior. She thought they had discovered that his behavior was because he had not had any medication since leaving the orphanage and it was more like someone going through detox. S, was told that he hadn't been taking any meds and had no seizures for quite sometime but...N told their Hindi speaking Pediatrician that he was still taking meds everyday back in India and if he did not he always had seizures. Someone did not give them the proper information on his medical report! :( The seizures I know are really scary but they can handle, the hard part right now is that his behavior is completely scary. She has had to call 911 a few times because she can't tell if he is having a reaction to medication or he really has a serious behavior disorder. I can't list everything but you get the idea of the stress and frustration they must be going through. Please remember them in your prayers and pray for peace in their home and for S's heart as I can't imagine the emotions they are all going through.

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